So what’s all this about?
In a nutshell… I’m in my 40s and following a period of mental health issues (depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria) and subsequent therapy, I’m now identifying as nonbinary and demisexual, and not aiming to transition to any permanent gender alignment or adopt a single permanent mode of gender expression. I was assigned male at birth.

Cool. Why did you feel the need to blog about that?
Apparently late onset gender dysphoria is A Thing, which means that other people must be out there thinking the same things and making the same mistakes as me. This blog is me trying to connect with those people and helping them come to terms with it, which helps me at the same time.

Oh. That seems interesting. So what can I find here?
Well, I’ve tried to split the content into various loose categories, although some content falls into several categories. These include blog posts exploring topics linked to gender, sexuality and mental health. And because journaling has been an instrumental tool in helping me come to terms with everything, there’s a section called ‘Life, the Bucket List and Everything’ which is where my random writings appear.

Great! Where should I start?
Depends what you want to read! These are the entries on the main menu:

  • Blog: these are all the blog entries linked to gender, sexuality, mental health and the nonbinary lifestyle. They may be self-help works, rants, opinion pieces or just general observations.
  • Gender: these are the archives of all blog posts, reviews and other writings concerned with gender – identity, expression, dysphoria, and so on.
  • Sexuality: these are the archives of all blog posts, reviews and other writings concerned with sexuality and especially being a demisexual and what that means.
  • Mental health: these are the archives of all blog posts, reviews and other writings concerned with mental health, therapy, self care, and so on.
  • Archive: these are the archives of Life, The Bucket List and Everything! In here you can find everything I’ve written that doesn’t really fall under one of the other categories on this site (gender, sexuality, mental health). Warning: it does include all of my attempts at poetry, so consider yourself duly cautioned.
  • About: this is the full version of the tale behind the three questions above. It also explains logistical things like ‘why do you keep talking about project management?’ and ‘why does the logo look like a standard Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle?’. There’s also some social media links and a contact form.

Is that it then?
No. There’s one more thing I want to say, and it’s important, so bear with me a moment while I clamber on to my soapbox.

We don’t all experience gender or sexuality the same way, and nor should we. We each need to find our own way and experience them on our own terms. This blog talks about my experience; I urge you to own yours. You Do You™.

Okay. Cheers!