Conservative whip Chris Heaton-Harris
Set himself up as the Tory thought police
His methods were just a little bit farcey
And he was denounced as a pound shop McCarthy

From Wikipedia:

“In October 2017, the Eurosceptic Heaton-Harris wrote to the vice-chancellors of every university in the UK, requesting the names of academics lecturing on Brexit and copies of all course material, leading to claims of political interference in academic freedom, as well as censorship. The move was branded “McCarthyite” by Prof Kevin Featherstone, head of the European Institute at the London School of Economics, and “sinister” by Prof David Green, the vice-Chancellor of Worcester University who likened it to Newspeak and the Thought Police from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: the Dean of Durham Law School, Thom Brooks, called it “dog whistle politics at its worst”, while Lord Patten, Chancellor of Oxford University, calling the letter an act of “idiotic and offensive Leninism”. In addition, the letter attracted criticism from both pro-Remain and pro-Leave academics at London’s Queen Mary and Cambridge universities and a rebuke from Downing Street.

Responding the next day to this widespread and growing criticism from both politicians and academics, universities minister Jo Johnson suggested that Heaton-Harris might have been researching a possible book on “the evolution of attitudes” to Europe, rather than acting in his role as a government minister, and “probably didn’t appreciate the degree to which (the letter) would be misinterpreted”, although there was no mention of any book research in the original letter.”

Chris Heaton-Harris