A short argument in favour of the death penalty, sort of

I'm familiar with the arguments about the possibility of killing an innocent person, but here's the thing; it's not the death penalty that kills them, but the bad system which sentences them to death in the first place. We can't claim that a system that allows innocent people to be tried is any better than a system that allows innocent people to be killed.

The passing of time and the impermanence of everything

I always think that the key to being a good photographer isn't understanding all the technical theory, or having the best camera and knowing it inside out, it's just about keeping your eyes open and alert to the possibility of something that makes for a good image.

An elegy for the simple sandwich

Siberian kale with cherrystone clam Bulgar, quinoa, and spicy brown mustard Orange okra served with whiskey-roast ham Red chard, leaf lard, and savoury custard Avocado jam with relish of quince Shaved black truffle with sourdough croutons Sun dried tomatoes with guinea pig mince Plantain wraps served on tiny oak futons Sandwich menus leave me filled with remorse For the simple thrill of cheese with brown sauce

The Bug Squad

With the UK on the verge of a vicious civil war Minkowski and Porter are hiding out in adjacent tower blocks, providing sniper cover for groups of civilian refugees as they try to make their way towards the harbour. Since the last attack, Porter hasn’t seen or heard anything of his old friend. As his desperation and paranoia grows and his supplies dwindle he must decide whether to break cover and attempt a rescue. But Porter knows that attacks from armed gangs are not the only thing that he must be careful of.

Manchester United making hard work of finding the solution that's right in front of them

In recent games Jose Mourinho has experimented with a back three, but the way Manchester United have implemented it means that they are making harder work of it than they should. On paper, they should have the perfect squad to pull off an attacking 5-3-2 formation. So why are they making such hard work of it?