As Bruce Springsteen once so memorably sang in his song “My Hometown”:

My hometown
My hometown
My hometown

And I think that’s a sentiment that we can all get behind. I’ll never be the genius that The Boss is and I find it difficult to match the searing intensity and startling perceptiveness of his lyrics. Instead I make do and catalogue my relationship with my hometown through images instead.

I’ll be updating this page regularly, on a basis somewhere between ‘whenever I can be arsed’ and ‘whenever I remember’.

Spital Church and Cemetery, Chesterfield
This is Spital Church, on the outskirts of Chesterfield town centre. It’s only a few minutes from our house and it’s one of my favourite locations. The church itself is no longer in use, although the cemetery is still used for new burials. The image is made up of three separate exposures combined into one via Photomatix. The images were taken with a Canon EOS 60D and a Sigma 17-70 lens, my usual set-up for HDR photos.

St Bartholomew’s Church in Old Whittington, viewed from the north east.

This is the heavy roller and scoreboard at the Queen’s Park Cricket Ground in the town centre. It’s shot in infrared, on a converted EOS 400D.