‘Power, Corruption & Lies’

Note: if you haven’t read ‘Confusion’, you should. Before you read this one, that is. Otherwise this post isn’t going to make a lot of sense.

I had a response from Dr Martens!

Response reads:

I feel that you’ve been given some incorrect information here. We do supply wholesalers with a RRP price, but ultimately it is up to them what they charge.

This boot is a unisex model, and the one’s in the women’s and men’s ranges will be exactly the same! Absolutely no difference except the sizes. So I couldn’t say why they are charging different price. They may have done it depending on demand for the size?

We charge one price as it is only the one model.

I would recommend just getting the cheaper pair or take them up on the offer they have given you…although this will be more effort on their parts! Very confusing.

So – as a follow-up I have emailed schuh to ask them for – let’s call it a further clarification:

Therefore, I am writing to ask why you charge women more for the same product than men. I note with interest Managing Director Colin Temple’s comments in your gender pay statement, namely, ” Diversity, inclusivity and equality are at the heart of schuh” and would be interested to learn from you how you feel that diversity, inclusivity and equality are best served by overcharging a large percentage of your customer base in such an obvious and brazen manner.

Updates, hopefully, to follow…

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