I am of that age and geographical background where adoration of New Order was largely a given. I had ‘Substance’, but the first non-compilation album I bought was ‘Technique’. I love it still, and the Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley remix of ‘Fine Time’ remains one of my favourite 12″ singles of all time.


So imagine how excited I was to discover that a brand that I only had a passing interest in had discovered a new and previously untapped way to part me and my money! As soon as I saw that Doc Martens had “collaborated” (not really sure how much the band had to do with it beyond cashing the cheques, but let’s gloss over that for now) I simply had to have, umm, whatever it was they were flogging.

Which turned out to be three limited edition pairs of 1460 boots featuring artwork derived from the ‘Unknown Pleasures’ (Joy Division), ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’ and ‘Technique’ album covers! so in fact I did want them, I wanted the ‘Technique’ boots, and I wanted them a lot!

But not at £150 a pair. Seriously. I’ve paid that much for cars before now.

So I kept a general Internet eye out for reductions and was delighted to find that schuh were offering them at a heavily discounted £89.99. I ummed, I ahhed, I slept on it, and then I followed the philosophy of Dr Pepper and decided to buy them.

Except by the morning after the price had gone up to £99.99. Okay, don’t know why but that’s still a solid £50 off and I’m good with that.

For whatever reason I didn’t get round to adding them to my basket and had closed the tab. Later, I came back to buy the boots, searched for them on the website and that’s why I found some shady schuh shenanigans:

Schuh 1

The same pair of boots is listed twice on the schuh website.

At different prices.

If you look in the men’s section for the boots (where I’d originally found them) they were £89.99:

Schuh 2 mens

But if you look in the women’s section of the website, there’s the exact same pair of boots again, except now they cost £99.99:

Schuh 3 womens

I “reached out via social media” and was informed that this was the policy of Dr Martens, and nothing to do with schuh at all:

Schuh 4 response

I have “reached out” again to Dr Martens and will update you when, well, I have something to update you with.

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