The passing of time and the impermanence of everything

I always think that the key to being a good photographer isn’t understanding all the technical theory, or having the best camera and knowing it inside out, it’s just about keeping your eyes open and alert to the possibility of something that makes for a good image.

I’m completely obsessed with – well, with Japanese culture full stop, but certainly with the idea of Japanese aesthetics in general and wabi sabi in particular. I’m really interested in the way that fukinsei, kanso, kiko, shinzen, yugen, datsuzoku and seijaku relate into images.


I spotted this weathered spoon on an ageing garden bench while I was waiting for the funeral cortege to collect us from my partner’s grandfather’s house, shortly before his funeral. Its a peaceful image that somehow seemed appropriate for the occasion, reminding us that wabi sabi says that the passing of time is to be welcomed, and that the impermanence of everything should be celebrated.

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  1. I think being a good photographer means being in love with viewing everything surrounding you in your own specific core way. First of alll, know yourself, your particular passion and obsessions. Know whatyour tools can do for you. G


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