They Walk Among Us

Since ‘Serial’ the US as been the undisputed home of the true crime podcast, with little homegrown content available for UK fans. But a new podcast, ‘They Walk Among Us‘, aims to rectify that situation.

Run by husband and wife team Benjamin and Rosie, the podcast devotes itself to those crimes that happen closer to home (ummm, if you live in the UK that is). Amongst the cases covered in the episodes of season one are:

  • ‘Canoe Man’ John Darwin, who faked his own death and lived next door to his wife (who was in cahoots) as they claimed insurance money
  • World’s worst parent Karen Matthews, who conspired with the uncle of her child-porn collecting boyfriend to kidnap her daughter Shannon and collect the reward money
  • The premeditated murder of Sadie Hartley by “bunny boiler” Sarah Williams and her accomplice Katrina Walsh

It’s not only great to hear a podcast that covers UK true crime for those of us who are interested in such things (guilty as charged m’lud) but also one that has such high production values. It’s really well put together and the combination of Benjamin’s low-key delivery and the atmospheric music really suit the material.

If I had one constructive criticism, it would be to go a little easier on the dramatic pauses. Sometimes they work well. At other times, you really want them to get on with the story and the pauses start to grate a little. But it’s really the only thing that I could find to complain about and it’s a very minor complaint; it’s like complaining that the trim in your Ferrari is prone to collecting greasy fingerprints. Honestly, it’s easy to overlook, and all in all the podcast is very much worth listening to.